Power Management
Power Management
Remote Power Management products include Power Distribution and Switching devices, Automatic Redundant Power Switching and Hybrid Console Management and Power Switching equipment. Control and monitor your remote computing and networking equipment with our Network Power Management devices.
  • Automatic Redundant Power SwitchingAutomatic Redundant Power Switching: Redundant Power Switches (ATS Automatic Transfer Switches) provide a reliable method of automatically switching equipment to a backup power source.
  • Remote Power SwitchingRemote Power Switching: Remote Power Distribution and Switching allows system administrators to remotely switch ON, OFF or Reboot network equipment and servers.
  • Hybrid Power Switching and Console ManagementHybrid Power Switching and Console Management: Hybrid Console Server Power Switches provide remote access to console ports and allow power on, off or reboot of remote devices over a secure Ethernet or internal modem connection.
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  • New 3-Outlet and 4-Outlet NPS Series Network Power SwitchesNew 3-Outlet and 4-Outlet NPS Series Network Power Switches: WTI has added new 3-Outlet and 4-Outlet Network Power Switches to the NPS Series remote switched PDU’s. The NPS Series can eliminate unnecessary service calls by giving administrators complete power on/off/reboot control of remote equipment.
  • New Enterprise Management Software from WTINew Enterprise Management Software from WTI: The WMU Enterprise Management Software from WTI helps manage all your WTI devices from a single platform. Want to change a username or password across all your devices? Quickly reboot or SSH your network gear? Manage everything from firmware to asset tagging and more with an enterprise software solution for your WTI deployment.
  • Remote Power Reboot SwitchRemote Power Reboot Switch: The PWR-RMT-RBT-LC10A allows you to remotely control a single power outlet. With PWR-RMT-RBT-LC10A you can power on and off or power cycle a server, router, web cam, firewall or other remote device over an IP Internet connection. Remotely control any 240VAC device from your workstation, laptop or mobile device.
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