Interworld Electronics are pleased to announce that MSR have updated their MSR175 Shock Transportation Data Logger software to include an automatic report generator. With a single click the MSR ReportGenerator allows you to automatically generate compact reports on the recorded data.
The time range to be displayed can be adjusted individually. If threshold values are exceeded, this can be identified at a glance by the coloured status information of the sensors. Convenient export functions enable you to process the data in Microsoft Excel or as a CSV text file, and to generate a PDF.
The software package for the MSR175 now includes the following three programs: MSR Dashboard, MSR ShockViewer and MSR ReportGenerator.
  • The user-friendly Dashboard software makes programming the MSR175 data loggers and reading the measured data child’s play. To start up the logger, connect the MSR175 data loggers to the PC using a USB cable, click the data logger to be programmed and select the parameters for the measurement, start and stop criteria, measurement channels, and measurement interval and limit value settings.  
  • The MSR ShockViewer provides detailed analysis of the measured data and relevant shock events.  
  • The MSR ReportGenerator complements the MSR175 software package making it easy to generate reports.
Please note that MSR no longer includes a software CD when sending out MSR175 data loggers. Customers are now required to download the MSR175 PC software package. This ensures they always receive the latest software version.

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