Interworld’s In-Band and/or Out-of-Band solutions provide secure management of remote network infrastructure in order to reach unresponsive devices and restore connectivity. When your network is down due to failed routers, switches or firewalls, you no longer have to spend your valuable time and budget rushing to deploy truck rolls and site visits to revive services.
DSM Series Console Port Management Switches, CPM Hybrid Console and Power Management
Eliminating costly service calls to remote sites and improving administrator efficiency at critical times is possible with secure and effective Remote Console Management Switches.
Secure, in-band and/or out-of-band access to RS232 console and maintenance ports on UNIX servers, routers and other network equipment can be done via Dial-Up Modems or Wide Area Networks (WAN) using Telnet or Web Browsers.
Features of DSM Series Console Port Management 8, 24 and 40 Port Switches
    • Web Browser Access, HTTPS / SSL Secure Web
    • Secure Telnet Access, SSHv2 Encryption
    • Remote Authentication, LDAP / Kerberos / RADIUS / TACACS+
    • Optional Dial-Up Modem Access or 4G connectivity
    • Single or dual LAN access
    • AC, DC or redundant AC power supplies
    • Port Specific Password Protection
    • IP Packet and Security Filtering
    • Any Port to Any Port Switching
    • Port-Specific passwords
    • SNMP Capability
    • Multiple Simultaneous Inbound Sessions
    • Temperature, Command and Event Logging
    • Ping-No-Answer Alarm (Failed Ping Command)
    • Invalid Access Lockout and Alarm
    • Built-In Remote Reboot Power Switching
Increase efficiency and manage Network Equipment and Power Distribution with the CPM Hybrid Solution
Combine Serial Console Management and Power Management with the CPM Hybrid Solution, giving Administrators the ability to restart, configure and control remote computer system.
    • Remote control up to 8/16 serial console port
    • Reboot, power off/on up to 8/16 devices
Reduce Down-time, increase administrator efficiency and productivity. Console Port Management Switches offer remote serial console and power control of critical network servers and equipment.