USB Serial Adapters
USB serial adapters allow legacy devices and the applications written for them to taking advantage of USB technology. With our USB product line we give you the freedom to implement the system you want with the resources you have and the code you have created.
  • Single Port
  • Dual Port
  • Four Port
  • Eight+ Port
  • USB-232-IND Rugged, Industrial Strength, Single port USB to RS-232 serial adapter
  • USB-422-IND Rugged, Industrial Strength, Single Port RS-422 to USB Converter, 4-Wire, Full Duplex
  • USB-485-IND Rugged, Industrial Strength, Single Port RS-485 to USB Converter, 2-Wire, Half Duplex, No Echo
  • USB-SEALINK232-I (2103) Single Port Isolated RS-232 to USB Converter
  • USB-SEALINK485-I (2104) Single Port Isolated RS-422/485/530 to USB Converter
  • USB-SEALINK-I (2113) USB to 1-Port Isolated RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 DB9 Serial Interface Adapter
  • USB-SEALINK-16 (2167) Sixteen Port RS-232/485 to USB Converter
  • USB-SEALINK-8 (2803) Eight Port RS-232/422/485 to USB Converter
  • USB-SEALINK-8/232 (2801) USB to 8-Port RS-232 DB9 Serial Interface Adapter
  • USB-SEALINK-8/485 (2802) USB to 8-Port RS-422, RS-485 DB9 Serial Interface Adapter
  • USB-SEALINK-8SC (2823) USB to 8-Port RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 (Software Configurable) DB9 Serial Interface Adapter