• USB-DIO-32I Series
32-Channel, USB Digital Input/Output Module, Independently Selectable I/O, On-board Intelligent Firmware

Features Include:
  • Small (4" x 4" x1.25") rugged industrial enclosure
  • High-Speed USB 2.0 device, USB 3.0 compatible
  • Type B USB connector features industrial strength and high-retention design
  • Small (3.5 by 3.7 in.), portable, 32-channel USB digital I/O module
  • 32 independently selectable inputs or outputs
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  • The USB-DIO-32I features 32 bits of TTL-compatible digital I/O with high-current capabilities. Each digital bit can be programmed to accept an input or to drive an output. Power is supplied to the board via the USB cable or for higher source current capabilities, external power may be used. The I/O wiring connections for USB-DIO-32I are via an industry standard 50-pin connector. For external circuits, fused +5VDC power is available at the connector. This resettable fuse is rated at 0.5A.

    All I/O lines are buffered by a type ABT tri-stateable buffer transceiver capable of sinking 64 mA or sourcing 32 mA. The buffers are configured under program control for input or output. 10K ohm pull-ups (to +5 VDC) on the board allow for contact monitoring and ensure a known signal level at power-up.

    Firmware 2.0 Features
    Onboard Watchdog Timer. If your application fails to communicate with the device within a specified timeout period (up to hundreds of seconds) the onboard intelligence will change all the output ports and values to the configured "safe" state.

    Need a DAC to power up at 1 Volt? Want the digital output port to generate a square wave as soon as the firmware is loaded? Now you can configure the power-on default states for all possible outputs.

    Command the onboard intelligence to perform digital input debouncing and latching. Debouncing time constants from hundreds of microseconds to hundreds of milliseconds allows a wide variety of low-pass filtering options. Latching inputs record low- and high-going pulses that your application may otherwise have missed.

    PWM allows programmable duty-cycle square wave output on any digital output. MAP is our new Matrix Mapping feature, wherein you can command the onboard intelligence to automagically copy the state of one bit onto another bit, with no computer interaction required.

    The USB-DIO-32I Series Features Include:
    •  Small (4" x 4" x1.25") rugged industrial enclosure
    •  High-Speed USB 2.0 device, USB 3.0 compatible
    •  Type B USB connector features industrial strength and high-retention design
    •  Small (3.5 by 3.7 in.), portable, 32-channel USB digital I/O module
    •  32 independently selectable inputs or outputs
    •  All 32 I/O lines buffered with Sink 64mA / Source 32mA current capabilities
    •  Standard 50-pin IDC connector with key
    •  USB/104 form-factor for OEM embedded applications
    •  Custom high-speed function driver (non-HID)
  • Specification
  • Value
  • Bus Interface/Form factor
  • USB2.0
  • No of Digital I/O
  • 32 DI/O (Independently Selectable)
  • Output Type
  • Buffered TTL
  • Input Source Current/Isolation
  • 32mA
  • Sink Current/Relay Rating
  • 64mA
  • Change of State Detection on input
  • No
  • Counter/Timers
  • Optional 3x 8254 (pre-configured)
  • Connectors
  • IDC 50
  • Size
  • 101.6x101.6x31.75(WxDxHmm)
  • Power Requirements
  • USB 5V or optional external power
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  • USB Communication and I/O Devices: USB has become the standard method of connecting peripherals to modern computer systems. Interworld Electronics has an extensive range of USB to Serial Converters, USB Analogue Data Acquisition and USB Digital I/O devices....
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  • Intelligent 32-Channel USB Digital I/O Module: The USB-DIO-32I provides 32 lines of independently selectable buffered digital I/O. The USB-DIO-32I features on-board intelligent firmware that provides Watchdog Timer, Configurable Power-On Defaults, Contact Debouncing and Latching, Digital Pulse generation and Matrix Mapping functionality....
  • Part Numbers
  • USB-DIO-32I
  • 32-channel individually selectable digital I/O module integrated in rugged enclosure
  • USB-DIO-32I-E
  • Economy module, no screw terminal board
  • Board only model, no enclosure or screw terminal board
  • Power Supply Options
  • POW-ADA/9-2A
  • External 240V AC to 9V @ 2 Amp DC regulated adapter