Medical / Laboratory
Interworld Electronics has a range of Fanless and Waterproof Panel PCs, Monitors and Keyboards for use in industrial, process control, research and medical environments. These products are ideal for the Food Processing industry and Medical and/or Laboratory environments that require frequent cleaning or infection control.

We also supply a range of environmental monitoring and data aquisition products including sealed mini-datalogers.
  • Medical Keyboards and MiceMedical Keyboards and Mice: Medical keyboards and Mice are designed for healthcare and infection control environments. Resistant to hospital disinfecting sprays and germicidal wipes.
  • Stainless Steel MonitorsStainless Steel Monitors: Stainless Steel Sealed Touchscreen Monitors provide protection from dust and water. Ideal for process control, chemical, pharmaceutical and food processing industries.
  • MSR DataloggersMSR Dataloggers: MSR Mini Dataloggers provide internal temperature, humidity, pressure and 3-axis acceleration sensors. They also allow a range of external sensors to be connected.
  • Panel PCs (Stainless Steel)Panel PCs (Stainless Steel): Stainless Steel Panel PCs designed for use in food processing and/or corrosive industrial environments.
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  • Healthy and Wise - Medical Case Study: While hospitals face innumerable sources of cross-contamination, computer keyboards, which are frequently touched and shared, are a confirmed hotbed of bacteria and viruses in medical settings....

  • Medical Keyboard Testing Results: Results of testing the DW-5K wireless, FL series of SlimKey MD™ keyboards, and the DT-OM optical desktop mouse....

  • MSR145WD Wireless Data Loggers Monitor Pharmaceutical Warehouses: Pharmaceuticals can be impaired by incorrect storage temperatures or exposure to humidity. Therefore, in a professional pharmaceutical distribution chain, these environmental parameters must be monitored accurately and documented in a clear manner. Mini data loggers provide the ideal solution.  ...

  • Preventing Hospital Acquired Infections With Medical Keyboards: The spread of Swine Flu and the fear of similar outbreaks in the future have made infection control a daily topic in the headline news. The prevalent use of computer technology in medical environments must be considered as a potential source for cross contamination, particularly input devices such as keyboards and mice that can harbor germs....

  • Wireless Datalogging with MRS Smart Cloud: You can use our MSR DataLogger app to recall the real-time data of your wireless data loggers on your smartphone at any time....

  • Wireless IP68 Sanitizable Small Footprint Medical Keyboard: Interworld Electronics has released the K82G-RW IP68 Sealed Wireless Medical keyboard. The K82G-RW provide a tactile feel similar to a standard keyboard while a silicon membrane completely seals the keyboard to provide IP68 protection from dust, liquids and disinfectants
  • MSR Electronics Dataloggers and Measuring Equipment: Interworld Electronics are pleased to accept the distributorship of MSR Electronics Dataloggers and Measuring Equipment. MSR Electronics GmbH develops and markets stand-alone dataloggers of the highest quality for a wide range of applications requiring short and long-term measurements. The MSR dataloggers are highly suited to a wide range of data collection and monitoring tasks.